Bridgewater Wholesalers, Inc.®

Bridgewater Wholesalers, Inc.® has been the premier provider of fine millwork across the Mid-Atlantic states for over 30 years. With over 400 employees, multiple locations, and a large fleet of vehicles, we are able to offer shorter lead times and a larger inventory than ever before. As a company, we are known for our consistent quality, exceptional customer service, and highly professional sales and support staff. At BWI®, our mission is to become the leading provider of fine millwork to independent lumber retailers offering the widest variety of quality products. Whatever our customer is looking for, we strive to deliver.

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We've made BWI's product offering page very easy to navigate and to obtain more information with the click of a button.  Our vendors each do a great job of supplying information about their individual products, as well as essential media like beauty shots, videos and more.  Be sure to visit our re-vamped Product Page and see exactly what BWI can supply with the help of our vendors.

Our Interactive Catalogs are incomparable in terms of speed of navigation and ease of use.  Rather than flipping through a book, page by page, you can now click directly on the exact product that you're looking for by using the interactive table of contents, or you can jump to a specific section and browse as if it was a real book in case you don't already have something specific in mind.  It's the best of both worlds!  We've included both BWI's full line catalog and Masonite's Steel and Fiberglass Exterior Door Catalog in this new format.

We've included technical drawings for virtually every product in stock.  We've done the work so you don't have to; everything is categorized in a way that will allow you to find specific products in no time, and every technical drawing has been separated and converted to independent .PDF files.  That means, you can click on any Technical Drawing, the image will open in a new window or tab with extremely sharp lines, labels and specifications.  Ready to print or download.

BWI & Masonite has collaborated to create a "Premier Dealer" program, which grants top-performing dealers with perks such as interactive displays, savings and gifts cards, customized marketing support, free merchandising kits, exclusive contents, free prizes, truck graphics, free displays for showrooms, year-round support and training, personalize growth strategy, and much, much more.

We've included an entire section that is dedicated to our dealers.  We know that it's often far easier and quicker to find these tools online, and now you can.  This section includes things like marketing material, educational tools for employees, commonly used forms and templates, etc.  We are also open to suggestions, please visit the Contact page and let us know if you see something missing and we'll try to include it!